5 Factors to Take into Consideration When Designing your Sign

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5 Factors to Take into Consideration When Designing your Sign

Your signage is a very important part of your marketing so it’s essential that you pay attention to the design. For most businesses, professional design is a must when they are creating their signage, but regardless of whether you design your own sign or outsource to the professionals, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

While it’s tempting to jump straight in and start looking at colours, logos and fonts, there are a few basic requirements that are worth thinking about if you want to make sure your sign promotes your business to its best advantage.

  1. Size
    Obviously your sign is going to be bigger than, say, your business card. Designing something on a larger scale means that you need to pay attention to some design elements that you might not have previously considered. Will your logo scale up without looking weird? While you might be tempted to use a larger space to squeeze on more information, it’s usually better to keep the font, layout and design as simple as possible for maximum impact.
  2. Location of the sign
    Where will the sign be located? It’s essential to take the surrounding environment into consideration so you can make sure your sign really stands out. If it’s going to be placed among trees, a green background may not be the best idea. Similarly, if there are a lot of buildings around you might want to steer clear of greys or dark colours that could make it blend in to the background.
  3. Materials
    The material the sign is printed on will have significant implications for the design aspect. A digitally printed billboard is going to look quite different to a traditionally printed one. Vehicle signage will be different to an A frame. These are all important factors that will impact your design choices, from the file formats you use to the colours and font.
  4. Your overall branding
    If your sign is going to work as a marketing tool for your business it really needs to match the rest of your business branding. This means more than just putting your logo in the corner. Think about what colours and fonts you use for your marketing materials and where at all possible, try to keep them the same on your signage.
  5. Illumination
    Illuminated signs are very popular these days and if you are competing with other businesses nearby, illumination is probably well worth considering. For businesses that are open at night, illuminated signage is essential, but even if your business is strictly nine to five, you may benefit from some increased visibility around the clock.

Designing an effective sign requires more than a nice logo and a fancy font. There is a lot to take into consideration before you put pen to paper but a bit of time spent getting to grips with the basics can make a big different to the results later on.