5 Signs You Need To Rebrand Your Business

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5 Signs You Need To Rebrand Your Business

There is little doubt now that we live in an ever-changing and dynamic environment and it can be hard to keep your business’ branding up to date and relevant. While many companies put off re-branding or getting their brand alive and in line with the current market trends, the benefits of doing so almost always outweigh the costs. Find out if it’s time to rebrand your business with these tell tale signs:

  1. Lack of alignment between your look and your service or products.

Maybe your focus has changed or your scope has expanded – either way, your logo and branding no longer represents what you do or sell. Investing in a rebranding strategy will bring your company more into line with its values and services.

  1. Your target market has changed

Maybe you started off with smaller clients who had smaller budgets, or maybe you find the demographics of your most important customers have shifted. As businesses grow, often their target market does too – and it’s a sign you might need to rebrand.

  1. You are attracting the wrong customers

If you find that you are beginning to attract the wrong type of customers, then it might be time for an update of branding. New logos and other branding elements can help to attract your ideal customer, by appealing more to their wants and needs.

  1. Your growth has plateaued

If your business has experienced steady growth for a number of years, followed by a recent plateau, this is a tell tale sign that it’s time to rebrand. It’s likely that the branding is no longer new and exciting, and therefore it’s time for a refresh. A rebranding strategy is also great way to reconnect with past customers as well as attract new ones.

  1. Your competitors have all rebranded

If all of your competitors have rebranded, and you’re the only one in the market left with your original branding, chances are it might be your turn. Your competitors have probably already felt the fatiguing effects of their old branding, and have acted to fix it. Their actions are likely to be indicative of an industry wide trend – and you don’t want to get left behind. Don’t risk your competitors enticing your customers with their new branding – rebrand your own business!

If it is time to rebrand your business, get in touch with us to see how we can help – signage is one of the most important elements of any rebranding strategy.