Alpha Lewis Signs

Sign Writer

Traditional Signwriting

With all the modern computer technology, one would think that the more traditional signwriting would become a thing of the past. This definitely is not the case at Alpha Lewis Signs, with handwritten signs using traditional brushwork being available if you desire. Some of our … Read More

LED Signs

LED, Illuminated Signage and Light boxes

Signage that lights up is an effective way of attracting attention to your brand, which is offered here at Alpha Lewis Signs with our LED, illuminated signage and light boxes. Our LED signage not only looks as stunning as it looks in the picture below, … Read More

Vehicle Signage

Vehicle Signage and Wraps

Vehicle signage is exactly what is says on the tin – it is signage that is placed on your vehicle. Vehicle wraps are vinyl graphic that is placed over the top of your vehicles initial paintwork. These are products we can offer our customers here … Read More

Safety Signs

How to Create Effective Safety Signage

If your workplace or retail premises have any potential hazards that could affect your employees, visitors or customers it’s absolutely essential that they be clearly marked. Safety signage is a straightforward, but highly effective way to warn people about risks and hazards in your business. … Read More

Digitally Printed Signs

Digital Printing

So what is digital printing? Why do we use it at Alpha Lewis Signs? Digital printing is the transferral of a digital image to various types of media, such as the signage that we produce here at Alpha Lewis Signs. This helps us to transfer … Read More

3D Signage

3D Lettering Signs

3D lettering is a great way to make your brand more eye-catching and give it an edge over other signs. A range of materials can be used to create these signs at Alpha Lewis Signs, including acrylic, metal, wood and polystyrene. If you want to … Read More

Business Signage

Five Features of Outstanding Signage

When it comes to creating signage for your business, you probably want to make sure you’re getting the best value for your investment. Your business signage is a visual representation of your brand and a bland or poorly designed sign can have a negative impact … Read More

Business Signage

Rebranding Caremore Pharmacy

We have worked with Caremore Pharmacy since they approached us in 2014 to rebrand and refresh existing signage. Since then, we have produced signs for more than ten stores. Our work can be found both inside and outside the stores. Click here to read the full case study.     … Read More

Window Signage

The Woodstock Story

Woodstock Cucina is an institution in Melbourne’s North. The owner and chef, Tony Cannata, has been serving traditional Sicilian cuisine there for over 20 years. The Woodstock Story continues, as Tony has been able to open another two stores – one in Essendon and one … Read More