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Signwriting Melbourne

Branding North Melbourne Football Club

Within a short walk from Alpha Lewis Signs in North Melbourne, the North Melbourne Football Club is one of the oldest sporting clubs – not only in Australia, but also the world. North Melbourne chose its nickname, the Kangaroos, to mirror the pride and long … Read More

Signage Melbourne

Billboards for Australian Catholic University

We really enjoy our work for Australian Catholic University (ACU) as it’s giving us the opportunity to inspire the young generations in line with the organisation’s brand values which are to provide equal access to education for all people. With this billboard campaign, ‘Do something you … Read More

Vinyl Signage

The Benefits of Vinyl Signage

When it comes to signage materials, there are plenty of options out there and vinyl is definitely one of the most popular. Vinyl signage has a lot to offer in terms of flexibility, affordability and durability and it’s no wonder that it is such a … Read More

Sign Maker

Design Service

Many customers come to us to make their dream design into a reality, so we take their design and turn it into signage. However this is not all we have to offer our customers. If you aren’t feeling very creative and want a hand with … Read More

Signage Melbourne

Display, Exhibition and Events

An event is a great way to get your brand noticed and it gets your name on the map. Your signage is essential at these events to make your brand noticeable and memorable to potential customers. This is something we can help you with here … Read More

Safety Signs

How to Create Effective Safety Signage

If your workplace or retail premises have any potential hazards that could affect your employees, visitors or customers it’s absolutely essential that they be clearly marked. Safety signage is a straightforward, but highly effective way to warn people about risks and hazards in your business. … Read More