Five Features of Outstanding Signage

Business Signage

Five Features of Outstanding Signage

When it comes to creating signage for your business, you probably want to make sure you’re getting the best value for your investment. Your business signage is a visual representation of your brand and a bland or poorly designed sign can have a negative impact on your potential sales and your brand as a whole.

So what makes a really great sign? While one of the main features of outstanding signage is that it’s unique, there are five things that all great signs have in common.

  1. Visibility
    Great signs are highly visible. If nobody can see your sign it’s not going to be much use as a marketing tool. Visibility can be improved using intelligent sign placement, strong colours and plenty of contrast between the lettering and logo and the background colour of the sign. The size of the font and lettering used also make a big different to the overall visibility of the signage. Your signage shouldn’t be bland or fade into the background – it should be bold and highly visible so as many people see it as possible.
  2. Concise
    It’s important that the wording on your signage is concise and conveys the information you want it to in as few words as possible. Trying to fit too much information on a sign can make it difficult to read and if you are hoping to appeal to passing motorists or foot traffic, your target audience may not have time to stop and read the fine print.
  3. Informative
    While it needs to be concise, your signage should still be effective at conveying the relevant information. Depending on the function of the sign this could be your business name, opening hours, phone number and business tagline, or it could include information about discounts or sales. Whatever information you decide to convey through your signage it should be of benefit to the customer or reader in some way.
  4. Branded
    To work to its maximum potential, your signage should fit in with your overall brand image. This means more than just placing your logo in the corner. Great signage uses the same colours, fonts and style as the rest of your visual branding to ensure a consistent brand experience and promote your brand message to the world.
  5. Close proximity to your business
    Signage that is placed too far away from your business is not likely to be as effective as signage that’s located in close proximity. With signs that are a significant distance away, your potential customers may forget about you by the time they get near your store, or they might get lost trying to find you. Strategically positioning your signage so it’s close to your business premises can help people find you more easily and using in store signage to direct customers to the right area helps them improve their experience with you.


While poor signage can be detrimental to your business, outstanding signage can help improve your business visibility, reinforce your brand message and convey the right information to potential customers to encourage them to purchase from you.