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Neon Signs

Are Neon Signs Still Relevant?

When we think of neon signs, most of us probably hark back to the 1980s but while neon signs may not be as common as they were 30 years ago, they still have a lot to offer, and they have great nostalgic appeal that can … Read More

LED Signs

LED Signs: What Are The Options?

LED signs are everywhere at the moment, and for good reason. The illumination of an LED sign stands out against more traditional signage and lets businesses make a real impact and grab the attention of passers by. While they really come into their own at … Read More

Directional Signage

Directional Signage

Directional signage is something we have all been reliant upon many times in our lives. Alpha Lewis Signs have completed many wayfinding signage projects with hospitals, universities and the council over the years in order to make everyone’s time just a little bit easier. Some … Read More

Directional Signage

Wayfinding Signage for Next Marketing

Next Marketing is a marketing agency that helps small businesses punch above their weight. The agency moved from Moonee Ponds to Flemington in January 2015, so we worked with them to produce external signage and a window sign to welcome customers to the new location. … Read More

Signwriting Melbourne

Benetas Aged Care: An Ongoing Partnership

Alpha Lewis enjoys working with Benetas Aged Care on an ongoing basis. Since 2014 we have provided vehicle wraps, directional and building signage to a number of Benetas facilities all over the state. Read this case study to find out how we successfully incorporate Benetas … Read More

Directional Signage

We’ll Show Your Customers the Way

Wayfinding, or directional signage refers to signs that point people in the right direction. Usually freestanding, directional signs are responsible for leading your customers to where you want them to go. At Alpha Lewis we have created our fair share of directional signage over the years … Read More

Signage Company

Alpha Lewis Signs can be found Citywide

Citywide, a major physical services company, works with local councils all around Australia to shape more sustainable urban landscapes. We work with Citywide on a number of projects, including truck and car signage, directional signage and large building banners. Read this case study to find … Read More

Council Signage

Working with Councils

Having had many years experience in working with Councils we are aware of the requirements and processes necessary to meet the diverse needs and quick turn around time within Council and Government projects. From parks and garden signs to events and vehicles, Alpha Lewis Signs … Read More