The Benefits of Illuminated Signage for your Business

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The Benefits of Illuminated Signage for your Business

Technology is all around us and this is never more obvious than when we’re out and about walking around the street or shopping centre. The typical urban street contains hundreds of different signs all competing for attention. The ones that really catch the eye are usually the ones that use technology in their designs, including 3D lettering, LED lighting and illumination.

Illuminated signage has really grown in popularity in the last decade or so and this is due to a number of reasons including the affordability of illumination technology and the advantage that illumination has over traditional forms of signage.

While it’s most often seen on external signage, illuminated signage can be used both internally and externally to great effect. Visible in any weather conditions, even in low-lit areas and at night, illuminated signage has a number of advantages over other forms of signage.

Here are four ways that illuminated signage can benefit your business and help you stand out among the crowd:

  1. You can really stand out with illuminated signage. While our streets are getting more and more crowded with businesses competing for attention, an illuminated sign can help you get the edge over your competition.
  2. Illuminated signage is visible 24 hours a day. Unlike regular signage that fades into the background after dark, illuminated signage is visible around the clock, in fact it is even more visible at night. This is great for businesses that are open later or who want a form of advertising that never sleeps.
  3. Your message will be communicated more clearly. Illuminated signs are a great way to create an impact both indoors and outdoors. If you have a special offer or promotion you want to communicate to your customers, using an illuminated sign will make sure it gets noticed far more readily than a non-illuminated one.
  4. An illuminated sign shows people that you take your marketing seriously and this can help improve your credibility.

Whatever you are looking for from your signage, it’s worth considering whether illuminated signage can help meet your needs more effectively. What are other businesses around you using, and will you be able to stand out enough without some illumination?

There are a number of different types of illuminated signs that can be applied to different business situations and help your marketing stand out so you can communicate your message more effectively.