Traditional vs. Modern Signage

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Traditional vs. Modern Signage

Signage has evolved significantly over the last few decades, and while many industries are adopting new technologies to serve their signage needs, many others have opted to stick with more traditional types of signs. But you don’t necessarily have to go for one or the other – traditional and contemporary signage often work hand in hand and complement each other to deliver beautiful results.

More conventional types of signage include traditional signwriting, neon, banners and shopfront signs. Traditional signwriting involves experienced signwriters painting and developing signs by hand. Hand-painted signs, though quite a rarity, can add a vintage look to your business. Neon signs also achieve this vintage look and are still used by many businesses for both exterior and interior signage.

Other older types of signage – like banners and shopfront signs, are still used by many brick and mortar businesses, but their design and installation have often been streamlined through new technologies such as digital printers. They still are one of the most effective ways to promote your business to passers by.

More modern types of signage include digitally printed walls and LED signage. Modern technology has allowed signmakers to create beautiful customised prints for walls, glass, furniture and much more. Digitally printed walls are particularly stunning, and are often used in corporate type environments – such as inside offices. Modern LED signage has the advantage of being very environmentally sustainable and highly durable. LEDs can be incorporated into many different types of modern signs – including lightboxes or even 3D lettering.

Traditional and contemporary signage can go hand-in-hand to deliver beautiful and effective results. Incorporating both modern and traditional signage types can maximise impact.

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