Your Complete Guide to Great Window Signange

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Your Complete Guide to Great Window Signange

When businesses are looking for ways to promote themselves using signage, window signage is a strategy that is often overlooked. If you have a shop or office front with a large window, or even a glass divider in the interior space, you can very easily turn it into a full sized billboard for your business.

Window signs don’t have to block your view of the outside world. Many window signs can be made using one way perforated vinyl so you or anyone inside the business can still see out, while people walking past can only see your great design.

This type of signage is fantastic for businesses that want to create a sense of privacy for customers or staff working inside the store. You often see window signage on the outside of medical centres, banks and dental surgeries where it serves the dual purpose of promoting the business and maintaining the privacy of the people inside.

Window signage is also great for offices, especially those that have glass walled meeting and consultation rooms. If you have clients visiting your premises regularly, you can help them feel comfortable by placing decals or frosted graphics over the windows of your meeting rooms to give a feeling of privacy. These graphics can be in keeping with your company logo or colour scheme to create a sleek visual effect and enhance your brand identity.

How does window signage work?

Window signs are usually designed and printed onto a material like vinyl that is then applied to the surface of the window. Window signs can be permanently applied, or they can be temporary. Temporary signage is easy to remove and won’t leave any lasting marks, which makes it ideal for businesses that are leasing or who want to regularly change their signage and keep things interesting.

There are a number of different options when it comes to window signage. You can choose from frosted graphics, digital prints and one way films that let you see out while people walking past can’t see in.

The first step to effective window signage is a great design, and to do this you will probably need to consult a professional sign writer. Once you have decided on a design, your sign will be digitally printed on to the material of your choice, and then applied to the window. The process is easy and quick and the results will last a long time.

To find out more about window signage and talk to an experienced sign writer about your needs, give Alpha Lewis Signs a call today!